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Two Creative Ways To Wear Jewelry To A Yoga Practice

Jewelry has a long reputation of being nixed in the yoga studio, with instructors teaching students to leave the flashy pieces in their yoga bag. A long necklace or a dangling pair of earrings can undoubtedly leave room for injury during a yoga practice, but should all jewelry really be banned? New designs and styles have made some yogis start experimenting with what a few touches of metal and gemstone can add to their practice and their yoga outfit.

What are a couple of simple ways to add some nondescript jewelry to your yoga practice?

Find A Short Necklace With A Yoga-Inspired Symbol:

Long necklaces are out when it comes to yoga. They dangle too far down during standing poses and can shift around dangerously during headstands and other inversions. No yogi wants to be knocked in the face by a long strand of beads while focused on their practice. Instead, yogis should look for shorter, choker style necklaces that symbolize essential aspects of their training.

Look around for necklaces with symbols that mean something personal to you. Perhaps they could have an image or a word that relates to a long-term intention you’re trying to set. It could be a reminder like a lotus flower or the ohm symbol to remain centered and at peace with yourself throughout the day. Choose an image that has a meaning to you that you will see during your practice and throughout the day.

Make sure both the charm and the chain are very dainty and lightweight to avoid any injury that would be possible with longer necklaces.


Wear Stackable Rings 

The new fad with modern jewelry steers clear from the large gemstones and gaudy rings of past years. New stackable rings are low profile and dainty in size, making them ideal for yogis who want to wear jewelry to their practice. The thin nature of these rings makes them comfortable on the hands during the yoga flow and keeps them from being overly distracting.

However, take caution not to stack them too high, where skin could get painfully squeezed between the rings during poses like the downward facing dog. Limit it to just one or two rings per finger during your yoga practice.

Stackable rings come in a wide array of styles and colors. Consider a ring that is engraved with a word that means something to you or maybe a mantra that is significant. Other yogis may prefer them to be embedded with specific gemstones that they believe can open and influence their chakras or energy. Both of these are great ways to bring even more to your yoga practice through this decorative item.

Jewelry in the yoga studio doesn’t have to be taboo, but it does have to be worn with caution. Take care to select pieces that won’t interfere with your overall sequence or practice. Safety should be considered first and foremost when deciding on anything you wear to your yoga class or home yoga practice.

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