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Sahasrara: Bringing Balance to the Seventh Chakra

As we have been making our way up the seven chakras we have progressively learned to embrace and assert our right to have, feel, ask, love, speak, and see. The seventh and last chakra Sahasrara now comes with the guidance of encouraging us to affirm our right to know. With its Sanskrit word meaning “thousand-petaled,” this chakra represents the revered symbol of a lotus flower, which stands for purity and divine beauty.

Sahasrara can be found on the crown of the head and it is seen as our connection with the divine and our higher self. It is associated with the pituitary gland as well as the hypothalamus and consequently with the endocrine and nervous systems.

When you attain the state offered by this chakra you emerge from your murky surroundings to shine like an enlightened lotus flower. You are freed from the cycle of Samsara and are finally liberated from the chains of the ego, mind, and body; reaching unity with the infinite universe.

If this wheel of energy is out of balance, we feel isolated and lonely as if we had no ability to connect with others. We feel as if our life is meaningless and so committing to goals is hard because it seems to make no difference whether we reach them or not. Being over-intellectual or finding relief in the material are also symptoms of misalignment.

Physical and mental signs of a blocked crown chakra can be manifested through neurological disorders, nerve pain, thyroid and pineal gland disorders, Alzheimer’s, chronic headaches or migraines, insomnia, depression, or delusional and schizophrenia disorders.

Five asanas or yoga postures that can aid you with opening this seventh chakra are:

Anjali Mudra or Standing Prayer Backbend

Matsyasana or Fish pose

Parivrtta Baddha ArdhaChandrasana or Revolved Bound Half Moon pose

Garudasana(variation) or Baby Eagle pose

Savasana or Corpse pose

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Just as for all spiritual chakras, if not for all, meditation is the best practice for realigning Sahasrara. The constant and disciplined practice of bringing your mind into a contemplative state will allow you to claim back the power of your own life as well as to reach a state of complete peace, grace and bliss. Some might say that to reach enlightenment one must lead a secluded life such as the lifestyles practices by monks, saints or gurus; but this is not true. We all have different spiritual paths, and it just takes a pure and authentic intention along with a focused and loving discipline to attain this pure state. Read wise and inspirational texts, practice silence, re-learn to cultivate patience, understanding, acceptance, love and compassion towards yourself and every single sentient being that surrounds you and the access to the Sahasrara divinity that has always been locked within you will merely be a few steps away.

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