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Can You Wear Camo to Yoga Class ?

Camouflage appears to be one of the hottest fashion trends right now. It’s making its subtle way onto covers of the latest magazines and fashion runways. The appeal of the simple color scheme and subdued color palette makes it appealing for yogis who don’t necessarily want to stand out with the more seasonal neon shades seen in spring. The question is, could you pull off wearing camo to your next yoga class?

It takes some finesse to wear camouflage in a fashionable way. If you wear this pattern incorrectly, you could appear extremely masculine instead of chic and polished. We know how important it is to wear the latest trends well, so we put together these guidelines to help you wear your camo to a yoga class.

Don’t go overboard.

This is perhaps the biggest concern when it comes to wearing camouflage for your daily activities. It’s easy to overdo a pattern like this one, so you need to break it up. Don’t try to form an entire outfit out of camouflage items by wearing it from head to toe. This is the number one fashion mistake when it comes to wearing camouflage-print items. You will want to select one large piece, such as a pair of yoga leggings, or two smaller items with the print.

Don’t forget to wear accessories.

A little bit of camouflage already adds a very masculine touch to your outfit, so you may want to consider adding more accessories. A dainty necklace or some silver bangles could be a feminine touch that will balance out the more masculine overtones. Even a pair of sparkling statement earrings would be a great addition to your outfit. Consider wearing jewelry that sparkles or has a pop of another color to brighten up the darker shades. This makes your outfit stand out just a little bit without overwhelming you.

Don’t be afraid to wear fancier shoes.

When you’re wearing camouflage around town or to yoga class, you may want to consider skipping the boots. Your outfit will appear a lot more polished if you opt for fancier shoes such as heeled booties or wedges. Stick with neutral colors that will match your camo, such as black or natural canvas. This dressier touch also allows you to quickly transition your outfit from yoga class to an evening out with friends.

Don’t cover yourself entirely.

When it comes to wearing camo, you shouldn’t be afraid to show a little skin when you do it. This can help to offset the overwhelming appearance of camouflage and give your outfit a sexier edge. A great way to show a little bit of skin would be to wear a camo tank top with strappy cutouts. You could also consider wearing high-waist Capri leggings with a camo crop top.

Camouflage could be one of this spring’s hottest trends, but it’s imperative that you know how to wear it well. It can be an intimidating trend to attempt. These tips should give you enough knowledge to put together an outfit that won’t blend into the background.

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